We build monitoring that makes your life easier — so you can focus on what matters

You shouldn't need a diploma in monitoring to get in control of your infrastructure

We've been there...

Wherever we worked, we set up or replaced a monitoring tool that had gotten too old and complex to maintain. Just to have peace of mind that we have our systems under control.

We dealt with all kinds of infrastructures and monitoring tools. Weeding through complex configurations and interfaces and struggling with unsupported legacy systems we became increasingly frustrated.

With IT topics getting increasingly complex to master, we approached monitoring from a new angle - to make it really easy to use. Like Office 365 and Gsuite replaced Exchange. What used to require expert knowledge is now done in a fraction of time, without the headaches.

CloudRadar aims at getting you monitored without making monitoring a job in itself. Simplified to the core, saving time and hassle. Allowing teams to enjoy it - which actually makes them use it.

Server monitoring development

Having experienced all kinds of pains and shortcomings with other monitoring solutions, these are our guarantees to you:

1. Works for all networks

We support all operating systems & all necessary modules included.

2. Easy to install & operate

We build simple software that makes your life easier. Rely on our comprehensive in-product guidance or get personally supported until your complete monitoring is running reliably.

3. Enterprise security

Our open-source agents and backend technology meets enterprise security standards.

4. Fair pricing

You only pay if it works 100% for you — and only what you actually use. No minimum spend, and no contractual binding. You can cancel any day.

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8 global data centers

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