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Less feature bloat
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No maintenance
More ease of mind

CloudRadar is your ready-to-go replacement of Zabbix

CloudRadar comes pre-configured as a ready-to-go replacement of Zabbix.

  • A lot of integrations are built-in.
  • No server maintenance is needed.
  • Support is included.
  • Our user-friendly and modern interface makes the setup fun and easy.

Setting up and maintaining Zabbix is complex and time-consuming. It has become a very powerful beast. But it’s still a beast. 

Less is more

We started as a consulting company in the enterprise monitoring sector. The vast majority of our customers were overwhelmed with Zabbix. 95% of the features were never used. Many customers lost trust in the Zabbix alerts. 

That was the birth of CloudRadar. 

We focus on the essentials

We enable you to set up your monitoring literally within minutes. How do we do that?

  • With a clean user interface guiding you fastly through the setup.
  • With well-chosen pre-defined settings that cover your needs from the beginning.
  • With many integrations built-in
  • With all the advantages of a cloud-based solution (no-maintenance, always-on, human support, etc.)
Monitoring Software user

Zabbix has turned into a spam cesspool. We got so many false alerts and nobody was able to clean up the setup. Migrating our 250 hosts to CloudRadar was done in half a day. And now monitoring is what it should be. A safe source of information with reliable alerting. Thank you CloudRadar!

Mike Slodowski
Owner & IT Lead

See how CloudRadar compares to Zabbix

CloudRadar is for beginners and experts. Like Zabbix it also comes with tons of features. Verify yourself if CloudRadar can replace your Zabbix monitoring

Support included
Uptime monitoring
Website Monitoring
Monitoring agent for all OS
CPU/Memory/Disk monitoring
Extendable by own checks
Local proxy option
SMS/Phone alerts built-in
Native MS Teams Support built-in
Native Slack Integration
Native push notifications to mobile phones
Scalable to 55+ hosts monitored
Graphical rule editor
Multi-user and role-based access
Audit log
Scriptable agent installation
Agent auto-update
Fully encrypted data submission
Open source
Support for ARM-based OS
GDPR compliance
Maintenance time frames
Recovery action/execute scripts on alerts

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