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Website Monitoring

Website monitoring can’t prevent your website to go down - but it ensures you’re the first to know. Website issues can have severe consequences, from lost sales, bad reputation and lower google search performance. Website monitoring warns you when something is wrong, and supports you in optimising your sites’ performance in the long run.

Monitoring Guide

September 24, 2018

Uptime Monitoring

if you want your website to be online 24/7, you need a reliable uptime monitoring solution. CloudRadar allows you to set up uptime monitoring in only a few minutes.

Monitoring Guide

Monitor Website Availability and Uptime

Uptime can make or break your reputation. Ensure that your websites and hosting providers deliver highest availability with CloudRadar’s uptime monitoring solution.

Monitoring Guide

Getting started with CloudRadar in 5 Minutes

Quick start guide for your initial CloudRadar setup

Monitoring Guide

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring helps you to keep track of your network devices: routers, switches, load balancers, printers, security cameras and the like.

Monitoring Guide

SAAS Monitoring vs. On-Premise Monitoring Software

SAAS Monitoring is increasingly becoming the dominant solution in the monitoring space. Here are pros and cons for both SAAS based and on-premise monitoring.

Monitoring Guide

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring gives you insights into your servers' availability, cpu/memory and disk fill status and helps you to quickly identify and prevent critical issues.

Monitoring Guide

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