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SaaS Monitoring

Blog on Modern Infrastructure monitoring - software and implementation for Servers, Networks and Websites by CloudRadar

Top 5 Benefits of CloudRadar Server Monitoring for Service Providers

For Service providers, infrastructure monitoring is essential. CloudRadar offers a solution that makes eliminates those headaches and frustrations.

Monitoring Software

March 21, 2021

Top Server Monitoring Trends 2020

The current pandemic is proving to be a watershed moment for IT setups. It has accelerated underlying trends that extend into the field of server monitoring.

Monitoring Software

March 4, 2021

Windows Memory Monitoring demystified

Memory monitoring is critical for business critical servers.

Server Monitoring

January 8, 2021

Three ways to analyse your server monitoring data

Monitoring made easy - analyse assets in three ways and access as much data as you need to at any stage.

Server Monitoring

November 2, 2020

Monitor Website Availability and Uptime with CloudRadar

Uptime can make or break your reputation. Ensure that your websites and hosting providers deliver the best possible experience.

Monitoring Guide

October 16, 2020

SAAS Monitoring vs. On-Premise Monitoring Software

SAAS Monitoring is increasingly becoming the dominant solution in the monitoring space. Here are the pros and cons for both SAAS based and on-premise monitoring.

Monitoring Guide

October 15, 2020

Guide to Server Monitoring Best Practices

Following Server Monitoring best practices gives you insights into your servers' availability, cpu/memory and disk fill status and helps you to quickly identify and prevent critical issues.

Monitoring Guide

October 5, 2020

5 tips for setting up successful and dependable IT infrastructure monitoring

Top five tips for dependable IT monitoring: be warned, supervise your backups, monitor your single points of failure, reduce false alerts and monitor from your cusomers' perspective

Cloud Monitoring

August 27, 2020

Network Monitoring Best Practices

Setting up effective network monitoring best practices to help you to keep track of your network devices: routers, switches, load balancers, printers, security cameras and the like.

Monitoring Guide

June 26, 2020

Guide to Website Monitoring Best Practices

Website monitoring can’t prevent your website from going down - but it ensures you’re the first to know. Implementing website monitoring best practices warns you when something is wrong, and supports you in optimising your sites’ performance in the long run.

Monitoring Guide

May 24, 2020

Get started with CloudRadar Monitoring in 5 Minutes

Start monitoring your entire I.T. Infrastructure - your startup guide for your initial CloudRadar setup

Monitoring Guide

April 23, 2020

Windows Server Monitoring - made really easy

Monitoring your Windows servers accurately and reliably does not have to involve the installation of complex software or spending hours configuring tools

Server Monitoring

April 21, 2020

Setting Up Network Monitoring with CloudRadar

Network monitoring in 5 minutes - easy step by step instructions to set up monitoring for your network and network IP devices.

Network Monitoring

February 23, 2020

Setting Up Server Monitoring with CloudRadar

Server Monitoring in 5 minutes - easy step by step instructions to set up monitoring for any of your servers.

Server Monitoring

February 20, 2020

Monitoring Rules: Best practices for setting up alerts

Pre-configured Smart Alerts based on best practices let you start monitoring immediately. The ability to then customise monitoring rules and alerts according to your organisation's unique needs are critical.

Monitoring Guide

February 18, 2020

Linux Servers - memory monitoring demystified

Linux servers have unique performance and usage metrics. What are the critical metrics that should be tracked with monitoring software? Let’s investigate.

Server Monitoring

January 13, 2020

Server Monitoring made radically simple

Cloudradar provides a new, modern take on IT infrastructure monitoring - set up within minutes, easy to handle, yet very powerful. It supports all all operating systems via agent-based and agent-less monitoring.

Server Monitoring

January 4, 2020

Windows Servers - memory monitoring demystified

Having reliable information about the amount of system memory used is vital. As the one responsible for maintaining the systems running the business applications and services you need to monitor their memory consumption constantly. With CloudRadar, you can watch several system metrics - including memory - by installing an agent on your systems.

Server Monitoring

November 27, 2019

Network Monitoring Software Made Radically Simple

The modern, simplified new way of Network and IT infrastructure monitoring. Software set up within minutes and easy to handle, yet extremely powerful.

Network Monitoring

November 21, 2019

Complete IT Infrastructure Monitoring - made easy

Deploying an innovative monitoring solution for the entire IT Infrastructure - fast and easy to handle, yet a complete and powerful tool.

Monitoring Software

October 21, 2019

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