Complete IT Infrastructure Monitoring - made easy

Implementing a reliable, powerful monitoring solution used to be extremely challenging – not only were specialist skills required, but the interpretation was complex, often resulting in false alerts and wasted effort.  Not to mention the high costs. CloudRadar provides a new alternative to this.

1. Powerful Server and Network Monitoring made really easy

Cloudradar has created a modern, radically simplified way of server and network infrastructure monitoring.  Set up within minutes, CloudRadar is designed with the easiest User Interface, while delivering comprehensive and powerful monitoring.

One unified monitoring dashboard for servers and networks
One unified, modern dashboard for all hosts

CloudRadar monitoring features:

  • supports all Windows and Linux based operating systems with agent-based and agent-less monitoring,
  • broad spectrum of metrics and alerting channels
  • customizable thresholds in a clean and distractions free User Interface.
  • team accounts
  • fast growing set of pre-configured monitoring checks for SNMP, Hyper-V, Vmware, Docker, LibVirt, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB and Postgres.

2. Readily Configured Server Monitoring

Monitoring server infrastructures can be complex, with different operating systems and software versions, and in hybrid setups - partly located on-premise, with third parties and in the cloud.

The most efficient monitoring solution for these setups is an agent-based approach, where a tiny, secure, one-way agent is installed on each server, transmitting critical metrics to a central monitoring console.

CloudRadar makes this really simple:

  • Running on all Linux and Windows versions, over 50 metrics like CPU load, memory utilization, disk fill levels and process run-status are predefined.  
  • To further simplify the setup, rules and alert channels are pre-configured for a reliable start (yet allow for complete customization where needed).
  • This means that the solution is active instantly with full functionality.  
In-depth graphs and insights into all server monitoring metrics
Deep insights into all server monitoring metrics

3. Network Monitoring

Companies operating hybrid infrastructures - on-premise or cloud based, at hosting providers, or pure cloud providers like AWS/Azure - need a monitoring solution that includes all these setups.

CloudRadar incorporates different intranets in one dynamic dashboard:

  • On-premise network monitoring works via a tiny, secure application called “Frontman”.  This acts as a connector between intranet(s) and the SaaS monitoring software.
  • The “Frontman” monitors the availability of your routers, switches, load balancers, security cameras – or any other network device with an IP address.
  • The CloudRadar application receives availability data from all network devices across your intranets, and accumulates the availability data in one central interface.
All network IP devices monitored with checks and alerts
Checks and alerts on all network IP devices

4. Key monitoring metrics

The dashboard's data view shows all relevant metrics per server or device in one view, and you can choose between a simple one-glance overview or in-depth graphs:

One-glance overview of all metrics and status - servers and networks
One-glance overview of all metrics and status - servers and networks

5. Smart Alerting

Alerting rules can be tricky:  at the start you need reliable recommendations or presets, while being able to adjust some rules to your needs later.

That’s where Smart Defaults come into play:

  • CloudRadar’s design principle was to operate reliably from the start.
  • After adding a Server or any other host, the alert engine comes configured with Smart Defaults.  For instance, a disk fill level warning at 5% of remaining disk space triggers a warning email.
  • Whenever you need, those values are configurable.
  • Alerts and warnings are delivered via Email, Slack, Telegram, Pushover, WShatsApp or SMS - or configure your own via Webhooks.
Pre-configured, customizable alerts for all servers and hosts
Pre-configured, customizable alerts for all servers and hosts

6. Fast & Complete Deployment

Traditional monitoring setups can take considerable time.

CloudRadar  is designed to be instantly available and extremely easy to use. It enables this with:

  • Instant SAAS setup, without the need to install & maintain local software.
  • Guided wizards for server/host creation and agent installation.
  • Running from the get go due to smart defaults on key checks/metrics and alerting.


Try CloudRadar with a free trial

To decide on the best monitoring tool for your IT environment, you need to be comfortable with the solution at hand.

Realising that, the free trial version of CloudRadar allows you to monitor free for 30 days - so you can verify that it works for you.  No risks, and no credit card required.

Get your Free account now and be up and running in minutes!

Or read more about the CloudRadar solution.

Author: Nicholas Thiede