How to customize your alerting

By default, your CloudRadar account includes pre-configured alerting rules and channels to notify you when you encounter common issues (heartbeat, CPU, disk space, etc).

However, you can easily customize the default settings to fit your needs. Here's how to do that:

1. Alerting rules

Two examples:

  1. By default, you receive an alert at 5% remaining disk space on any of your servers. However, to add lead time, you might also want a warning at 10%. Easy to do by just adding a rule with that trigger.
  1. One of your processes is business-critical and you want an alert if it fails. You can also go via the rule editor or you simply tap the magic wand on your process list (in latest data), which triggers a pre-configured rule for this process.

2. Alerting channels

Your registration email is your initial default “recipient”. However, you can choose from many pre-installed notification channels:

You can also include other persons or systems - the recipient channel is independent of the account user.

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