Network Monitoring Software Made Radically Simple

CloudRadar has created a modern, simplified new way of IT and network infrastructure monitoring. Set up within minutes, the CloudRadar tool  is easy to handle, yet extremely powerful.

On-premise network monitoring works via a tiny, secure application called “Frontman” - this acts as a connector between your intranet(s) and the SAAS based CloudRadar Monitoring software. The “Frontman” monitors the availability of all your routers, switches, load balancers, security cameras – or any other network device with an IP address. (CloudRadar also provides you with in-depth server monitoring for your Windows or Linux based servers.)

Essence of simplified Network Monitoring

1. Capability to monitor all hybrid intranets

Most companies operate hybrid infrastructures, partly on premise and partly cloud based at hosting providers or pure cloud providers like AWS/Azure.

CloudRadar allows System Administrators to monitor these setups in one dynamic dashboard. The CloudRadar application receives availability data from all network devices across all your intranets, and accumulates the availability data in one central interface.

2. All IP based network devices in one dashboard

The dashboard shows all devices in one view, and allows you to drill down to historical availability data for all devices:

Monitor all Network IP devices

All data can be filtered and connected to alerting rules.

3. Smart Alerting and Rules

Alerting can be tricky: to start off, you might want some proven recommendations - while you are likely to need the option to adjust some rules to your needs later.

That’s where Smart Defaults come into play: CloudRadar’s design principle was to operate reliably from the start. After adding a network device, the alert and rules engine is pre-configured with Smart Defaults. For instance, all alerts are triple confirmed before alerting to find the balance between realistic and false alerts. Then, whenever you need, all those values can be customised.

Customisable Network Monitoring alerts

Your alerting channels need to work for your team’s environment. For that reason, you can choose from readily available options such as Email, Slack, SMS, Telegram, Pushover and WhatsApp, or configure your own via Webhooks.

Deliviring alerts for network monitoring

4. Fast & Complete Setup

As typical monitoring setups take considerable time, CloudRadar’s modern Software as a Service is designed to be instantly available and extremely easy to configure.  A faster route to monitoring each host means a shorter path to a comprehensive monitoring environment.

CloudRadar enables this with:

  1. Instant SAAS setup, without the need to install & maintain local software.
  2. Guided wizards for network device/server/host creation and Frontman/agent installation.
  3. Running from the get go due to smart defaults on key checks/metrics and alerting.

Free Account for up to 5 servers/hosts

Deciding on the best monitoring tool for your system infrastructure requires you to feel comfortable with the solutions at hand.

Realising that, the free version of CloudRadar allows you to monitor free for 15 days - so you can verify if our approach works for you.

Get your Free account now and be up and running in minutes.

Author: Tertius Kleinhans

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