Server Monitoring made radically simple

Cloudradar has created a modern, simplified new way of IT and server infrastructure monitoring. Set up within minutes, CloudRadar is easy to handle, yet extremely powerful.

It supports all operating systems with agent-based and agent-less monitoring, and provides a broad spectrum of metrics, alerting channels as well as customizable thresholds in a clean and distraction free User Interface. It further provides team accounts and a fast growing set of pre-configured monitoring checks.

1. Location and OS compatibility

Organisations often run a mix of Windows and Linux servers, and often with different releases. These servers can be located at multiple locations - in an office server room, at a hosting provider or as cloud services.  Monitoring only parts of these - or with different solutions - leaves gaps and risk of failure.  

One option to monitor hybrid networks is with an agent based approach. A tiny, stateless monitoring agent is installed on each server to provide constant server performance updates to the monitoring application.  A uni-directional agent - which only transmits data from the server to the monitoring tool - provides the highest level of security.

2. Key monitoring metrics

The dashboard's data view shows all relevant metrics per server on one view:

All critical server monitoring metrics in one dashboard - CloudRadar

All data can be filtered and connected to alerting rules.

3. Smart Alerting

Alerting rules can be tricky: to start  you might need good recommendations or presets, while you are likely to need the option to adjust some rules to your needs later.

That’s where smart defaults come into play: CloudRadar’s design principle was to operate reliably from the start. After adding a Server or any other host, the alert and rule engine is already configured with smart defaults. For instance, a disk fill level warning at 5% of remaining disk space triggers a warning email. Whenever you are ready, all those values are configurable.

Preconfigured Smart Alerfts for Best-Practice monitoring

Alerting channels also need to work for your typical environment - so you can choose from readily available options such as Slack, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp or configure your own via Webhooks.

Choose from 7 alerts channels - CloudRadar

4. Fast & Complete Setup

As traditional setup can take considerable time,  CloudRadar’s modern Software as a Service is designed to be instantly available and extremely easy.  A faster route to monitoring each host means a shorter roadmap to comprehensive overall monitoring. CloudRadar enables this with:

  1. Instant SAAS setup, without the need to install & maintain local software.
  2. Guided wizards for server/host creation and agent installation.
  3. Running from the get go due to smart defaults on key checks/metrics and alerting.

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To decide on the best monitoring tool for your IT environment, you need to be comfortable with the solutions at hand.

Realising that, you can try CloudRadar free for 15 days  - so you can verify that it works for you.  No risks, and no credit card required.

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Author: Nicholas Thiede

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