Service Providers: Setting up customer monitoring

How to monitor your customers with CloudRadar

Monitoring your customers' infrastructures can benefit you in multiple ways. Knowing first of any issues with their systems strengthens your reputation. And ideally, the issues even generate additional revenues.

Here is what CloudRadar has on offer:

Setting up customer monitoring

1. Simply add your customers on the "sup-units" tab on the main menu (if you don’t see it in the main menu on the left, pls enable "sub-unit management" in settings)

2. Assign your hosts to those sub-units in the add host or edit host dialogues

3. If you like, invite your customers as team members with either read or admin access, so they can view their own assets and dashboards.

4. Add “recipients” for them if you want to include them into warnings or alerts.

5. Create a status page if you want to provide them with real-time information on their infrastructure. You can customize the status page with your logo and text.

How to send alerts to your customers

With your hosts assigned to your customers, you have 3 options to manage alerting:

  1. You receive all alerts - you manage the monitoring 100% on your customers' behalf
  2. You add specific customers as "recipients", so they receive alerts (which you can filter)
  3. You invite them as team members (as admin, member, guest), so they can also log into their CloudRadar monitoring setup.

For options 2 + 3 you need to limit them to their own hosts.

Inviting team members allows you to assign a team member to one of your pre-defined "sub-units". This ensures that they only see their own resources, and only receive alerts of those hosts.

For "recipients", you use the filter functionality to limit a recipient on a sub-unit or a specific group of hosts.

Creating status pages for your customers

Status pages are a powerful way to keep your customers informed about their monitoring, and the status of their system.

CloudRadar allows you to create customized status pages with your own logo, so you can provide the monitoring as an added value to your customers.

Setting up a status page is very easy:

  1. Insert your logo and own page header
  2. Define filters for hosts and customers
  3. Forward the encrypted url to your customers.

Now your customers can check their system status on their own.

Try for yourself! If you need more in-depth information have a look at our knowledge base section on customer management.

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