The Ultimate List of Top Server Monitoring Tools

Managing complex modern IT infrastructures requires a reliable server monitoring solution. It helps to keep track of upcoming issues and in optimising long term systems performance of server infrastructures. Especially in todays distributed environments, server monitoring solutions need to work with a mix of setups, ranging from server architectures installed at office locations or hosting providers to cloud services operated at AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean or similar services.

Server monitoring solutions offer help for these tasks. These tools provide insight into the key metrics of your server and website setups.

There are several great tools and services available. Choosing the best option depends on your requirements, underlying technology and available budget.

This article highlights a list of top server monitoring tools, focussing small businesses as well as enterprise server environments.


Cloud radar is an ideal cloud-based server monitoring tool for servers of any size, technology and complexity. It can monitor all vital components and metrics of any of your server including host status, CPU, memory, motherboard etc. Powered by a real time reporting system, server admins get instant notifications via email, SMS and Slack into key server performance metrics.

Free Version Available:                 No

Free Trial:                                        Available for 15 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:            $1.20 per server/device per month

Type:                                                Cloud based SaaS


Zabbix is one of the oldest monitoring tool for checking server performance with almost all the key features for server monitoring. It lets you monitor performance on all key servers  including Windows, Linux and its distributions.

Free Version Available:                   Yes

Free Trial:                                          Yes

Plans/Pricing Starts From:              Open Source

Type:                                                  On premise


Acronis is a trustworthy server monitoring tool monitor performance of your servers. It helps you to monitor your local and remote servers from a central dashboard through a web-based monitoring console.

Free Version Available:                 Yes

Free Trial:                                       Available for 30 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:           Free

Type:                                               Cloud based SaaS


Monitis server monitoring enables you to identify and evaluate the performance metrics of your server. It is a cloud-based monitoring software, which provides an effortless way to view server performance activities from anywhere in the world.

Free Version Available:                Yes

Free Trial:                                       Available for 15 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:           $12 per month

Type:                                               Cloud based SaaS


Anturis is another great option to monitor your servers for all the key metrics that can have an impact on the performance of your server. You can get reports on the performance of your server by having the automatic alerts of it. Anturis can be used for monitoring both web/ cloud-based servers as well as in-house servers as well.

Free Version Available:                      Yes

Free Trial:                                             Available for 30 days

Plans/Pricing Start                             $8 per month

Type:                                                    Cloud based SaaS

Manage Engine

Manage Engine is a premium monitoring tool to monitor the health of your server. It keeps you aware on any configuration and performance issue of your server and detects the main source of problem so you can avoid the downtime or loss of performance on your servers.

Free Version Available:                    Yes

Free Trial:                                          available for 30 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:              $715  

Type:                                                  On premise


Nagios is renowned server monitoring tool that provides you with both agent and ageless monitoring on your servers. This tool is equipped with more than 3500 add-ons that helps you to see the behaviour of your servers a granular level.

Free Version Available:                  Yes

Free Trial:                                        available for 60 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:             $1,995  

Type:                                                On premise


PRTG Server Monitoring tool assists you to rapidly identify server performance error easily so that you can maximize your server efficiency. It lets you monitor all type of servers including, Windows server, Linux server, mail servers, web servers and more.

Free Version Available:                   Yes

Free Trial:                                          Available for 30 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:              $1600 

Type:                                                  On premise


Icinga is a flexible server monitoring tool that monitor performance of your entire server infrastructure. It is an easy to use software with tremendous configuration format to make configuration settings easily and can run a lot of server performance checks at a time.

Free Version Available:             Yes

Free Trial:                                   Available for 30 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:        Not available

Type:                                            On premise

Logic Monitor

Logic Monitor is a prominent server monitoring tool that automatically detects various activities of your server and sent alerts instantly to ensure maximum availability of your server. It lets you monitor CPU, Memory, Network and many other OS metrics for Windows, Linux and other servers. 

Free Version Available:                Yes

Free Trial:                                      Available for 14 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:          Not available

Type:                                              Cloud based SaaS

New Relic

Though primarily an Application Performance Management Tool, New Relic is an efficient tool to monitor and improve your server performance. With its dynamic infrastructure and server monitoring platform, you can easily manage the health of all your modern systems, servers and services in real time. 

Free Version Available:                 Yes

Free Trial:                                        Yes

Plans/Pricing Starts From:            Up to $9,999 yearly

Type:                                                Cloud based


Dynatrace is a popular serve monitoring software that provides you with a complete insight of your server’s performance in real-time. This software lets you understand the impact of issues on your server so that you can plan them appropriately and avoid any negative consequence before time.

Free Version Available:                  Yes

Free Trial:                                         Yes

Plans/Pricing Starts From:             $0.035 per hour

Type:                                                 Cloud based SaaS


Pingdom monitors your server without any complex type of configuration and capable of monitoring multiple servers at a time. It has an intuitive dashboard with customization feature to view your server’s performance in real-time along with multiple notification and reporting capabilities.

Free Version Available:                  Yes

Free Trial:                                         Available for 14 days

Plans/Pricing Starts From:             $9.95 per month

Type:                                                 Cloud based SaaS


So there you have it, an extensive list of top Server Monitoring Tools that can be used by mid sized companies up to enterprises with extensive server monitoring requirements.

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