Three ways to analyse your server monitoring data

Accessing the right level of detail on your monitored assets is as easy as 1-2-3!  

Sometimes you just want a quick look to reassure yourself that all is well, and sometimes you need to do in-depth analysis.

This is easy in CloudRadar - built to accommodate your in-the-moment needs with more than one easily accessible interface. Let's use server monitoring as an example:

1. One-Glance status overview of everything you are monitoring

  • An elegant, uncluttered dashboard shows everything you are monitoring in one place – servers, websites, network devices and more.
  • Instantly check the status of any host and see both connectivity and any warnings/alerts.
One-glance dashboard across all hosts/servers

2. Live interface showing on-the-minute status – for all server metrics

With one click you can access an elegant view of the state of any single server:

  • Overview of all critical server metrics - performance and availability.
  • The most intuitive display possible – see downtimes or when problems are developing.With one click you can access an elegant view of the state of all metrics for any single server:
View all live server metrics in one elegant view

3. Detailed server metric graphs

Delve into the historical performance with detailed graphs and analysis.

  • Specify the time frame – hours or days – and analyse historical trends.
  • Track developing issues to inform your planning.
Historical performance graphs and analysis for Windows serversl

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Author: Nicholas Thiede

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