Top 12 Advantages of Effective IT Monitoring Software

It is not less than a challenge for any IT department to be proactive all the time to maintain the IT Infrastructure of their organization. They are well aware of the importance of constant monitoring of all IT activities so that they can offer top-notch services to all users.

Most IT departments spend more time reacting to problems than trying to identify them before they cause disruption. However, for IT departments to run at optimal performance and prevent errors proactive IT infrastructure monitoring is very essential.

An ideal IT department should have a detailed monitoring of all the servers, devices, backup, firewall activity, application services, system checks, web-based reporting and remote support.

This article illustrates the top 10 benefits of Monitoring IT Infrastructure for IT departments of any size and type.

1 - Early Detection of Problems

Due to the sprawling infrastructures, technologies and users, detecting problems in IT Infrastructure has become a major challenge for companies these days. The IT staff have to monitor devices and services that are in-house, remote, cloud and user-owned.

It is extremely important to monitor your IT infrastructure on a regular basis because it helps you to react at a much better time to resolve any warning signs that can be a reason for a major disaster.

If you don’t have any proactive issues detection system in place then it can be very hard to keep an eye on the efficiency of IT and you would be doing reactive monitoring and patching then being proactive.

Proactive IT monitoring has a positive effect on your entire IT resources and the end users of those services. Keeping a regular and up to date check enables you to rectify any sort of discrepancies of your system beforehand.

IT monitoring tools have the ability to continuously scan and monitor the activity throughout your IT environment. The data gathered by these monitoring tools provide you with deep insight into each and everything thing that is happening inside each of your IT resources and thus provides detection of problems before they become a major issue.

2 - Real-time Notifications

Real-time notification is one of the key advantages that you can have with IT monitoring tools. They will not only alert you with the performance issue but also make it easy for you to resolve those issues.

Live warning alerts can help your team to quickly react to such situations. With an IT monitoring tool in place, these notifications can instantly be received at different communication channels such as email, SMS, integrated dashboards etc.

Real Time IT Performance Notifications will keep a regular check on the vital performance stats of your devices, servers, networks and instantly generate an alert if you run into any glitch.

3 - Performance Monitoring

In this digitally fast and highly IT-dependent era, it is quite critical to identify all the IT performance factors that can reduce the overall performance of your organization. Maintaining top performance for your IT resources requires a broad view of all the IT activities which can be easily done by using IT monitoring.

IT monitoring strengthens your grip on the performance of your entire IT infrastructure and lets you measure the exact performance of your system. It not only focuses on the current performance issues but also gives you an overview of other channels that might need improvements soon.

4 - Avoid Network Outages

Network outages can be internal or external. The external outages can be due to DDOS attacks, hacking etc. whereas internal outages can be caused by changed network configurations.

Having visibility of the network issues, critical events or configuration related troubles before they can become a reason for network failure is fundamental.

With IT monitoring in place, you will instantly see key stats and data that will help you identify issues that might be signalling towards a possible network attack or penetration. Your network administrators can quickly react to them before intruders succeed in their malicious acts.

Similarly, it is highly preferred that your network infrastructure is monitored before making any changes in the configurations of your network. This will help your network management team to easily detect network issues and resolve them before they create an outage.

5 - Fix IT Performance Issues Quickly

Solving IT Performance issues can be a challenging task without having a monitoring plan and solution in place. Your IT Admins will have to test different use cases and educated guesses before they can get to the root of issues.

IT monitoring helps you to identify and quickly fix IT Performance issues much quicker than what it takes without having proactive monitoring in place. Without any IT Monitoring software or system in place, your IT staff will struggle to get to the bottom of issues.

6 - Plan a Proper Budget For Up gradation

All IT devices and services have a lifecycle after which, they must be replaced in order to get the same or added performance. You can only have a correct idea on the up gradation of these devices and services if you are constantly monitoring and tracking their performance.

IT monitoring helps you to identify the lack of performance issue in advance and enable you to keep a valid inventory of all the required devices and services that need to be changed in the future. This will not only help you plan upgrade financially but also gear up for any technical requirements and roadmap that will go along with it.

7 - Recognise Security Threats  

IT monitoring is very crucial to identify security threats within any device, service or your entire IT infrastructure. It notifies you in advance from all those threats that can lead to a security breach, data loss or any other threatening security vulnerability.

IT monitoring tools provide deep insight from your IT Infrastructure to help you spot out any suspicious activities like unusual traffic spike, unfamiliar devices etc. This provides an efficient way for you to track security risks, take preemptive actions and ensure prevention against any security-related concerns.

8 - Improve Reliability of your IT Resources

Usually, there are some warning signs before any type of critical problem is about to happen. For example, an unusual or threshold approaching activity can possibly result in that server going down.

Having an IT monitoring software/solution will not only let you identify the prevailing issues but also assist you to counteract them quickly as well. It will keep you away from problems, increase their reliability and also reduce complaints from end users.

9 - Increase ROI for Business

IT monitoring can have a huge impact on the ROI of your business. It will allow the IT team to spend less time on monitoring your IT systems and more time delivering value to end users.

This will help you with your bottom line significantly – i.e. increase the productivity and overall growth of your business. IT monitoring will prevent your staff to manually check IT performance, receive mission-critical notifications in advance and reduce the overall work required to keep your IT systems in an optimal shape.

10 - Enhanced End-User Experience

A slow IT infrastructure is a big problem for organizations and will result in too many support calls from end users. Delivering top of the line IT-enabled services can clearly improve the productivity of your systems, contribute to your revenue, increase brand loyalty and more satisfied end users.

In order to achieve the desired level of end-user experience, a comprehensive IT monitoring solution is required to determine the critical issues and resolve them successfully. It is a major and very essential step towards improved end-user customer experience

11 – End to End Monitoring of IT Services

Keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and the availability of a highly skilled staff. Yet, many organizations are overwhelmed by rapidly changing business demands and the ability to manage their IT Infrastructures.

IT departments typically have limited performance management capabilities and only can give a view into a certain aspect of IT performance, with no end-to-end performance monitoring perspective. Without a centralized view of your network and applications, monitoring of IT infrastructure will be left to estimations and guesswork.

IT monitoring help free you from necessary, time-consuming IT tasks manually monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure. They cover your entire IT infrastructure so there is no stone left unturned that can result in performance degradation.

12 – Ensure Compliance with SLAs

You can increase the overall performance of the IT services by covering all the essential requirements of SLAs. Service Level Agreements is one of the main priorities of any IT department or service provider to promise the required services quality of the entire IT services.

With IT monitoring in place, you can monitor and ensure that your IT department is delivering the services as required. This helps to constantly and accurately measure their performance as mentioned in the SLAs.


Having complete visibility of your IT infrastructure is essential in preventing issues and helps you to make informed decisions. As business needs evolve and availability needs continue to grow at a rapid pace, it is important that organizations take a proactive approach to IT Monitoring and management.

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