Top 5 Benefits of CloudRadar Server Monitoring for Service Providers

For Service providers, infrastructure monitoring is essential. It ensures that customer systems perform reliably and warn about developing issues before they become serious problems.

Unfortunately, most monitoring tools proved to be annoyingly complex, cumbersome, and expensive. Providers end up having to spend a considerable amount of time managing the tool rather than monitoring the system.

CloudRadar offers a server monitoring solution that eliminates those headaches and frustrations. It has been designed to be a reliable partner – taking out the hassle to allow you to focus on your main business. Here is how:

1. Quick and Easy Setup

One of the biggest challenges of monitoring systems is the significant time invested in setup and configuration. Configuring the tool often takes days, even weeks until it is reliably configured without keeping you awake from false alarms. Valuable time often from the most senior experts in the team.

CloudRadar sets out to eliminate this problem. Its server monitoring tool comes with battle-tested pre-configured checks and alerts. They allow you to start accurately monitoring your – and your clients’ – infrastructures within minutes of set up. CloudRadar comes complete out-of-the-box, supporting all Windows and Linux releases. It offers push notifications via email, SMS, phone calls, Slack, Teams, Telegram, Pushover and Webhooks, as well as a graphical rule engine, dashboards, reports, and extensive team functionality.

2. Customer Monitoring Features

Need to monitor your own infrastructure or multiple customers? CloudRadar offers dedicated features for customer monitoring. You can set up customers as dedicated entities, group and assign hosts to those customers, set up white-label status pages to provide your customers with an always-on status display and invite customers to the tool with a choice of read-only or admin roles. The customer management toolset is included and comes at no additional cost.

3. Instant Reaction on Issues

As a service provider, you need to be on top of your customers’ issues at all times. Knowing about an issue before the customer sees it provides you with an edge for outstanding customer service and delivers additional business for acute as well as for proactive maintenance. Seeing a disk reaching critical fill levels is a welcome trigger for a general check-up besides the acute task of freeing up or adding disk space.

CloudRadar alerts you wherever you or your team are – by directing alerts and warnings to a mix of the available notification channels, routed by easy-to-set rules to your team members. Alarm channels as well as the entire application both work in the office as well as on any smartphone.

4. Customise to your Needs

Our well-balanced default settings allow for an instant and reliable start. In fact, after setting up any host, you can expect CloudRadar to work reliably for you without further ado along with core triggers like a heartbeat, disk space, memory, CPU utilization. However, wherever they don’t entirely fit your requirements, you can fully customise your settings to your specific needs.

You can add check types, choose from the above mentioned alert channels or you can customise your alerts to a deeper level via Webhooks so that you and your team can receive notifications in a manner that works for you.

5. Works for the Entire Team

Complex monitoring tools are not only cumbersome and time-consuming to set up, but also require some level of expert knowledge and training to operate and maintain. This often results in teams relying on one or two people who are familiar with the system, limiting the team’s effectiveness.

As CloudRadar has been designed to be user-friendly any team member can intuitively use it. Team members can configure and use the tool without training, adding customers, dealing with rules and handling alerts. So the team can work as a team, freeing up senior resources.

6. Counting the Cost

After all, cost is a decisive factor – even more so in current times where budgets get scrutinized and tools need to be more cost-effective than ever. While some tools come with considerable upfront license fees, even well known open-source tools like Zabbix require such an extensive configuration that invested time accrues significantly and holds back from more value-creating work on customers.

Modern setups change this pattern and offer significantly lower total cost of ownership. CloudRadar comes with a simple pay-as-you-go pricing of just $1.70 per host/month. Without any contractual obligations or minimum charges.


CloudRadar has been built to provide professional, yet pragmatic and easy-to-use infrastructure monitoring. It offers everything you need to monitor your customers – reliable technology, flexibility, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. CloudRadar supports all Windows and Linux-based infrastructures, whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid setups.

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