Uptime Monitoring Explained in 2 minutes

If you want to be informed about down times of your website, specific website content or servers , you need a reliable uptime monitoring solution.

What is uptime monitoring and why should you care?

Uptime describes the period when a website (or content) is available and running as it should. It is measured in percentages. High availability represents 99.999% - which is a yearly downtime of less than 5.26 minutes.

Downtime is the opposite of uptime. When a website is down, it cannot perform its purpose or generate sales, and creates a bad reputation with prospective or existing customers. The ability to act fast is essential.

Setting up Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring checks the availability and the response time of your website and publicly accessible infrastructure. An effective monitoring solution will alert you of a problem as soon as it occurs - wherever you are. What you need to be aware of and set up for an efficient solution:


Alerts need to generated instantly and delivered wherever you are through a choice of multiple channels, for instance Email, SMS, Slack or Webhooks and more.

Check Frequency

Typical monitoring frequencies are between 1 to 5 minutes - depending on your requirements. The ability to customise the frequency of these automated checks are important.

Avoiding False Alarms

Downtime events that triggers alarms should be verified in order to avoid false alarms. Your chosen monitoring solution should avoid false alarms by checking each trigger event multiple times - IMMEDIATELY - before issuing an alerts.

Monitoring targets

Uptime monitoring solutions should check Websites, Content, Email Servers, Firewalls, and Web Servers.


HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and Web Page Content check (which validates a certain string to be executed on the web page) should all be available in your chosen solution.

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Author: Nicholas Thiede

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