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How a backup solution provider
protects its servers with CloudRadar Monitoring

"Finally a monitoring solution that's really easy and affordable. It took me only 20 minutes to connect all my servers to monitor bandwidth and availability."

Business name
Magnus Box

Reliable Service Delivery

“Our ability to deliver a reliable IT backup service to our customers and industry partners is the cornerstone of our business. If our servers and services are unavailable, we lose customers, revenues and our hard-earned reputation.” says Mike Slodowsky, Founder and IT Head of Magnus Box.

As server reliability and performance is such a vital component of the company’s success, deciding on the right monitoring solution was essential. “After trying numerous monitoring packages and services, choosing CloudRadar as our long-term solution was an easy decision. From the get go it was fast to set up, easy to understand the ins and outs of monitoring, and highly reliable.”

"Thanks to CloudRadar we know that our infrastructure is monitored reliably, so we can react instantly if any issue occurs.
What I really like is the elegantly simple interface that puts us in control."

Find out how CloudRadar works:

Why CloudRadar?

The peace of mind that Mike experiences is because CloudRadar delivers a complete monitoring solution with a focus on reliability and intuitive user interaction.  

The SaaS monitoring solution has enterprise level security, and provides monitoring on a global level.  To prevent false alerts, all incidents are triple-checked before alerts are issued. The setup to monitor servers, network devices or web based assets is supported by  configuration guides.

“We immediately felt as if the product was developed for us”, says Mike. “It was no surprise that CloudRadar was created by former SysAdmins and DevOps with extensive monitoring experience. They have packaged a complete monitoring into an easy to handle solution. And as we operate on quite a low price point, the affordability also played a role for us.”


"We appreciate how easy CloudRadar has made it for us to feel reassured about our systems’ integrity. It eliminates the pain points and frustrations that typically come with monitoring."

A trusted backup solution provider

MagnusBox provides a white-labeled, channel-friendly backup solution to companies and resellers. Magnusbox runs multiple servers and all servers replicate the data constantly to ensure that there is not a single point of failure. Clients’ data is stored and replicated between two data centers located in California & Virginia. These data centers have been vetted and are certified SOC-2 compliant.

"With CloudRadar, one of my major concerns have been eliminated"

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