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Server performance monitoring

Server performance monitoring

Our open-source server agent delivers current insights on your servers’ core performance metrics: CPU utilization, memory consumption, disk fill levels, and the run-status of processes and services.

The agent works for all Windows and Linux versions, no matter if they are in an office or hosted elsewhere.


Network device monitoring

Monitor the availability of network devices within your intranets: routers, switches, load balancers, printers, security cameras - any network device with an IP address.

Network devices are monitored via our "Frontman" proxy which needs to be installed on one server within the intranet.

The Frontman monitors via http(s), ICMP ping, TCP, UDP.

Network device monitoring
Web asset monitoring

Web asset monitoring

Monitor customer-facing assets like websites, web servers, and mail servers via comprehensive web checks: Http(s), port checks, ICMP ping, and content checks.


For on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments

CloudRadar provides you with a unified view of all distributed network devices - on your PC as well as on your phone.

Servers are monitored via an agent - latency free, irrespective of their location. Network devices are monitored via our “Frontman” proxy, which also works across all locations.

For on-premise, cloud and hybrid monitoring
Alerts via preferred channels

Works with your preferred communication channels

Choose from multiple pre-installed alerting channels like:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Phone call
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Pushover
  • or create your own Webhooks

Proven pre-configuration for a reliable start

Setting up monitoring used to be tricky, leading to costly alerting failures. CloudRadar supports you throughout the entire configuration.

  • Carefully selected check types and metrics to prevent information overload
  • Pre-defined settings for all key dimensions - to start monitoring reliably within minutes
  • Optimized UI and graphical rule editor to manage your monitoring intuitively.
Pre-configured rules for reliable start
Highly reliable and secure monitoring

Highly reliable and secure

CloudRadar meets the highest security standards.

All communication is encrypted. Data is stored exclusively in Germany, fulfilling all European standards.

No personal data gets stored. CloudRadar only captures anonymous performance data of your systems - without any reference to your customers or subsystems. Apart from your billing address we don’t gather any personal data.

Secure open-source monitoring agent

Our open-source agent meets the highest security standards. Its open-source code is publicly inspectable on Github and has been validated by thousands of SysAdmins worldwide.

The agent works strictly inside-out and doesn't open any network ports or allowing backdoors into your system. Injecting commands is not possible.

Secure open-source monitoring agent
Monitoring features for MSPs and Service Providers

Powerful features for Service Providers

CloudRadar offers dedicated features to monitor your customers' infrastructures. Assign hosts to customers. Provide white-label status pages. Grant limited access to your customers.

So you and your customers never miss any issues.


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