Why SaaS is the future in IT-Infrastructure Monitoring

Read about pros and cons and how to successfully migrate to a cloud-based monitoring.

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CloudRadar IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Get background on SaaS monitoring solutions and how they compare to other monitoring tools

What they monitor, and how heavy they are on your wallet, and much more.

Our report covers:

Server monitoring

What is monitoring - everything you need to know Monitoring is more than an alerting system when something goes wrong.

Server monitoring

10 facts you must know about SaaS monitoring tools. Know about setup, price, security, integration, support, knowledge transfer, and more.

Server monitoring

5 tips to get started with your monitoring. Fast! First setup or migration. Know all about false alerts, points of failure, backups, and more.

Server monitoring

Checklist to pick the right monitoring tool. Picking the right tool is not easy. Use our infographic and tool comparison table.


CloudRadar's cloud-based monitoring software helps admins and MSPs run their networks optimally

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