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Website Monitoring made simple

Always know the availability and status of all your websites.

  • Monitor your entire infrastructure - servers, networks, websites.
  • Get immediate alerts - wherever you are.
  • Start in minutes - instant SAAS setup with guided configuration.
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Website Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Get deep insight into your servers

Website availability monitoring
Website monitoring
CPU load
Website memory monitoring
Memory consumption
Website Disk monitoring
Disk fill levels
Network bandwidth
Website Process monitoring
Process/services run status

Website Monitoring

Check your internet assets

Website availability & uptime
Website content
Website server monitoring
Mail server availability

Network Monitoring

Check availability & uptime of your

Security cameras
SaaS Website monitoring

CloudRadar Monitoring gives you superpowers over all your websites

We build tools to empower System Admins and Website Operators. Because website monitoring matters. Monitor your Websites' availability via http(s) checks and ensure a given website content is delivered correctly. Where reaction time matters, CloudRadar Website Monitoring provides you with instant alerts of any issues when one of your Website goes down. Additionally, proactive Website Monitoring allows you to optimise your sites in the long run.

Website Monitoring overview

Get an overview over all your websites via one application

  • Monitor all you websites - your public sites and within your intranet
  • All-in-one-Monitoring allows you to include servers and other network devices

"CloudRadar gives me an overview on my websites and devices and allows me to react quickly on any issues."

Brinsley van der Vent - Head of IT

Immediate notifications. Wherever you are.

  • Reactive/issue based and proactive/threshold-based alerts.
  • Wherever you are: via Mail, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Pushover, and Webhooks.

"Always on the run within our office and our server lab, I need alerts wherever I am - via slack on my phone and via mail on my desk PC."

Hanns Theussner - Head of Technical Platform
Website Monitoring alerts and notifications
Website Monitoring reports

Create transparency for your organisation

  • Optimize your Websites proactively with in-depth historical data
  • Get weekly/monthly performance reports.

"It used to be hard to prove what we achieved over the years. Now I have reports which clearly demonstrate our systems performance."

Fritz Hauser - IT Director
the power of Saas

Easy to setup & configure


Simple and fast Setup

Up and running within minutes. SaaS software without need for local installation.


Guided configuration

Presets for most use cases. Guided setup for server agents and network data collectors.


Smart defaults

Best practice presets for all settings. Reliable setup without in-depth monitoring experience or lengthy research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CloudRadar compare to the competition?

CloudRadar gives you superpowers over your infrastructure. So you know what’s going on in your systems - no matter where they are located or what devices they are or what OS they are running. So you can act immediately when any issue occurs. And even before that - preventively monitor foreseeable events like disk space filling up - so you are able to act before an issue occurs.

We built CloudRadar as a true all-in-one monitoring solution, serving all operating systems, network devices, websites - across all your locations in the office, at external hosters or your cloud setups.

And as we know the busy schedule of System Administration, CloudRadar is intuitive do setup and configure, with smart defaults for all settings which give you the security that you start with a reliable setup. Without need for monitoring expertise or extensive research into those topics.

Lastly, we believe Monitoring must be affordable and cannot eat into the budgets of highly essential production systems. That's why we combined our 15 years of monitoring experience with latest technologies and highly efficient time-based databases to give you the most affordable solution in the market.

How to set up monitoring with CloudRadar?

Setting up CloudRadar is very easy:

1. Get a free test account and sign up for your own CloudRadar Console.

2. Add the devices you want to monitor one by one.

How can I add devices to my monitoring?

1. Publicly accessible websites and other hosts can be monitored by service checks like http(s), icmp ping, smtp, imap, pop3 and many more.

2. Intranet devices behind your firewall can be monitored via two options:

a) if you want in-depth monitoring for your servers, you install a small agent on each server as connector to your CloudRadar console. The agent setup is a guided 2 step process.

b) for other intranet devices (routers, switches, cameras, temperature sensors, etc.), you need a data collector (Frontman) for each intranet you want to monitor. The Frontman monitors the availability of all devices in your intranet. Including servers, if you like, but he doesn't provide the depth of the agent-based server monitoring.

What counts as a domain?

You can monitor as many pages of your website/domain as you like. A domain is a top level domain - and you can add checks for sub domains or sites as additional checks.

What is a host?

A host can be any device with an IP address: a server, a network device like a router, switch, printer, security camera, temperature sensor etc., or a website in the internet or within your intranet.

Which operating systems are supported?

CloudRadar provides in-depth server monitoring for most operating systems:
- any Windows starting Windows 7/server 2012
- RedHat/CentOS from v. 7
- Debian from v. 8
- ubuntu from v. 16.04
- SuSe from SLES 12

How long can I test CloudRadar monitoring?

With CloudRadar Free you can try CloudRadar for 5 hosts without time limit.

How can I ask questions?

We help wherever we can. You can reach us via email at