Monitor your Customer Infrastructures
Easy, Fast and Reliably

Dedicated functionality and features for Service Providers and MSPs

Monitor customers

Organize customers in accounts

Manage all your customers. Assign hosts to customers. Grant limited access to your customers. Get a quick overview of which customer is facing problems.

Group dashboards by customers

Categorize your hosts by any criteria, for example by customer, location, type, duty, etc.

These tags allow you to generate sub dashboards by those criteria and to keep one overview of all your customer’s hosts.

Group monitoring dashboards by customer
Customize status-pages

Customize their status pages with your logo

Create as many status pages for your customers as you like. Customize them with your logo and share via a link.

Status pages with your own logo allow you to charge for your monitoring service as your own service, as your customers have constant access to the status of their monitoring.

Additionally, you can grant them read-only access to CloudRadar, limited to their hosts.

Customize notifications for customer use

As Service Provider you have the choice between receiving all notifications yourself or to have your customers included as well.

You can define which groups of notifications are delivered to your customers while you receive other relevant notifications. Sending alert messages in your name is also possible using webhooks.

Customize notifications for internal and customer use
monitoring checks performed

Active countries

monitoring checks performed

Monitoring checks performed

8 global data centers

Global data centers

8 global data centers

Global data centers

monitoring checks performed

Active countries

Comprehensive Feature Set

Server monitoring

Server monitoring

CPU, memory, disk, bandwidth, processes

Web monitoring

Web monitoring

ICMP Ping, Port, SSL, Content & Custom Checks

Network device monitoring

Network device

ICMP, Port, SSL, Content & Custom Checks

Monitoring for all operating systems

All operating

Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suse, OSX, NAS

Dashboards & TV mode

& TV mode

Grouped by tags and customers

Customizable graphs


For all server
performance metrics

Automated reports


Daily, weekly, andmonthly reporting emails

White-label status pages

status pages

For customers
or internal teams

Pre-installed alert channels

6 pre-installed
alert channels

Email, SMS*, phone*, Slack, Pushover, Telegram, Webhooks

Team support with role management

Team support with
role management

Up to 25 team
members with roles

60 seconds check-interval

60 seconds

Ensures fast
reaction times

30 days historical data

30 days
historical data

Across all your performance metrics and reports

Support via email and phone calls

Support via email
and phone

Free onboarding

8 global data centers

8 global
data centers

For check redundancy and minimal latency

Balanced default settings

default settings

For a fast and
reliable start

"Monitor my clients with ease"

Monitoring Software user

Now we have an easy-to-use interface that we can access at the click of a button, to review services and devices of all our clients.

Willem Sonderburg
IT infrastructure
Monitoring Software user

We had network errors with a 3rd party contractor. With CloudRadar I could prove it wasn’t an issue with our own servers.

Peter Geldenhof
Network Admin
Monitoring software user

Now we monitor several clients with ease. We needed a cloud-hosted agent-based solution, as many of our clients are NAT'ed behind a firewall.

Greg Parks
Senior Systems Engineer

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