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Why CloudRadar

CloudRadar started as an idea born from frustration in January 2016.

We just experienced another expensive downtime event, where our file server had run out of disk space, disabling the sales team for a few hours in the midst of an important deal.

We have tried many monitoring solutions and they all were either too complex to set up, required additional modules for alerting or graphing, or were just too expensive. As a result we implemented a patchy monitoring solution that did not pick up the developing server issues. The outage hit us by surprise - even though it clearly was foreseeable.

CloudRadar was created to change this - to fill the gap by being easy to use, complete and very affordable.

Our mission is to provide reliable monitoring for any organisation.

CloudRadar makes monitoring accessible - for monitoring experts and first time users

  • One dashboard for all servers, network devices and websites

  • Works with all Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • All relevant check types - http/s, content, ping, port checks, server cpu/memory/disk/process and custom checks.

  • Fast SaaS setup in minutes without need to install or maintain software.

  • Reliable configuration via setup wizard and preconfigured, customizable alerts.

  • Get alerts via Slack, Telegram, Pushover, email or your own Webhooks.

  • Plans starting at $1.20 per server/host per month - with a no-commitment free trial.

  • Unlimited checks per host via simple host-based pricing.

  • Cancel any time - no lock-in contracts.

Try CloudRadar and get your Monitoring started today!

15-day free trial with support. Paid plans only $1.20 per server/device per month - including all metrics.
CloudRadar is easy to configure for new and experienced users and takes only minutes to get started.


"It used to be hard to prove our IT performance over the years. Now I get reports that clearly demonstrate the improvements of our systems."

Monitoring software user
Fritz Hauser, IT Director
Monitoring software user

"Finally a monitoring solution that's really easy and affordable. It took me only 20 minutes to connect all my servers to monitor bandwidth and availability."

Monitoring Software user
Mike Slodowski, Owner & IT Lead
Monitoring Software for Ibsen Tech

"CloudRadar gives me an overview of my entire infrastructure - the network devices at our office, and the servers within and outside our offices."

Monitoring Software user
Brinsley van der Vent, Head of IT
Monitoring Sofware user