Why CloudRadar


Monitoring gives you Superpowers

Here‘s the thing: we’re in 2018. The world depends on IT. Quite often, with tight budgets and lots of experience you make the impossible happen: your company runs on a complex systems infrastructure, and every division in your company depends on these systems to be running as planned. But every once in a while, something happens. And you need to fix it - within minutes. We know about the challenges to keep complex IT setups working. We’ve been there just like you.

That's why we built CloudRadar. It gives you superpowers so you know what’s going on in your systems - no matter where they are located are or what OS they are running. So you know fist when any issue occurs. And even before that - CloudRadar also keeps an eye on foreseeable events like disk space filling up - so you are able to act before issues occur.

We've been using Monitoring Systems for over 15 years, and with CloudRadar we created what we wish we would have had: a comprehensive, simple and affordable monitoring which just works.

Our Mission


Monitoring must work for your entire systems infrastructure. All your servers, no matter if they're on Windows or Linux. If any part of your system is not supported, you will not have the entire overview.

  • Monitor your entire infrastructure: your Servers, Network Devices and Websites, from one application.
  • CloudRadar supports all operating systems from Windows 7/Windows Server 2012,  RedHat/CentOS RHEL 7, Debian 8, ubuntu 16.04, and Suse SLES 12.
  • Chose from all relevant check types: http/s, content, ping, port checks, server heartbeat/CPU/memory/disk space or create your own specs via custom checks.

Radically Simple

Most of our users run complex setups and don't have the time to get deep into monitoring. That's why CloudRadar is extremely fast & simple to set up.

  • Instant cloud-based SAAS setup without need to install or maintain software.
  • Guided configuration with smart defaults for all settings ensures a reliable configuration right from the start.
  • Choose from 5 readily available alert options to fit into your work processes: Email, Slack, Telegram, Pushover, or create your own via Webhooks.


Monitoring requires trust. You can try CloudRadar as long as you want to for up to 5 Servers/Devices - 100% free. For more devices, we have simple & fair pricing plans.

  • 12$/month per 10 Servers/devices - including as many checks & metrics as you like per server/device. Example: monitor your entire website with unlimited no of pages - all pages count as page checks under that one Website domain.
  • No lock-in - cancel anytime.

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