Why CloudRadar

Next-gen monitoring  built for System Admins and IT Leads

We know about the challenges of keeping complex IT infrastructure setups under control. We’ve been there - many times over many years.

CloudRadar was created to provide monitoring to IT specialists, with simplicity in mind for every step.

With CloudRadar you know immediately when something goes wrong, and even before it does. It helps you to keep an eye on foreseeable events like disk space filling up and prevent issues before they occur.

System Administrators team management

Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring with Simplicity in Mind

Created to monitor your entire infrastructure - servers, networks or websites - hosted locally, at a remote office, with a hosting provider or in the cloud.
CloudRadar incorporates hybrid setups in one simple, smart solution

One Unified Dashboard

All your Servers, Network Devices and Websites in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Multiple Operating Systems

Version support starting at Windows 7/Windows Server 2012, RedHat/CentOS RHEL 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.04, and Suse SLES 12.

All critical check types

HTTP/S, Content Validation, Ping, Port Checks, Server Heartbeat/CPU/Memory/Disk Space or create your Custom Checks.

Powerful yet Radically Simple and Easy-To-Use

Our users manage complex setups - often with limited resources. They can't afford to spend days trying to understand a solution and setting it up.
CloudRadar is built for instant setup, fast deployment and simple configuration.

Fast & easy SaaS setup

Deployed in minutes with cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) setup without the need to install or maintain software.

Guided Configuration and Smart Alerts

Setup wizard and preconfigured Alerts ensure reliable configuration from the start. Then modify alerts where needed.

Choose your alert channels

7 available alert channels: Email, Slack, Telegram, Pushover, WhatsApp and SMS, or create your own via Webhooks.

Proven, Reliable and Affordable

Monitoring requires trust. Try CloudRadar as long as you want to for up to 5 Servers or Devices - 100% free, no trial time limit.
Add more devices with our simple and fair pricing plans.

Start monitoring for free

Monitor in Minutes. Your free account is free for up to 5 Servers, Network Devices or Websites.
Or get more with simple, affordable pricing plans starting at $12 / month.